Testimonials From Our Loved Costumers

Real Projects, Real People – Real Satisfaction!

“We were looking for the right construction company to remodel our house for the last 2 years. We were looking for Not only affordable pricing and quality work, but also a Green Company that will make sure that our home is built on the green foundation. We took Tibi Home Design because of that reason and we are so happy with our new room addition to the house. Thanks Tibi Home Design!”

– Rohdy Family, CA

“We decided to go a head and redo our whole kitchen, we contacted Tibi Home Design via a friend that did his own kitchen with them. After the planning phase, everything we so fast and smooth – We were shocked! Tibi Home Design delivered the best work, best constumer service and the best outcome. So we think now is the time to do our bathrooms – and that project is reserved to Tibi Home Design Only!”

– Mamadof Family, CA

“Tibi Home Design Installed new windows and doors at our home, the work went fantastic and the outcome is at top quality.

Great Prices, Great Costumer Service.”

– Goldberg Family, CA

“Tibi Home Design is the BEST! Not only they beat the quotes we received from other companies, but they beat it by 10k!! That is amazing!

While we were scared the low price will affect the quality of the projectm Tibi Home Design proved otherwise!

The job went amazing and we were left with nothing but smiles.”

– Lopez Family, CA


Tibi Home Design
Tibi Home Design
Tibi Home Design
Tibi Home Design